8 December 2016
12 January 2017
19 January 2017
30 March 2017
–   Voting Period Opens
–   Voting Period Closes
–   Nominations announced in Shares and online
–   UK Stock Market Awards 2017 gala dinner

The Judging Process

The means by which the winners of the awards are selected is what makes this a truly unique event. A panel of experts, which calls from all parts of the financial services community will be presented with the list of nominated names for each category and then choose the ultimate victor. The presence of a corporate adviser, private client broker, fund manager, lawyer, accountant, public relations specialist and independent commentators, as well as individuals with direct experience of running PLCs, will ensure the trophies are to be awarded without bias and in an entirely transparent way.

Ideally the winners' shares will have performed consistently well during the year, and at least outperformed those of their sector peers. Acquisitions, disposals, restructuring programmes, fund raisings and the launch of new products and services will also be taken in to account, particularly if a firm's share price responded positively. The key will be how any of these actions helped to improve a company's growth prospects, manage or lower the risks which face it and enhance the quality of earnings and cashflow.